​Full traceability of the origin of wood

Tracing the origin of wood is a prerequisite for us. UPM’s tracing systems and chains of custody cover the requirements for both PEFC™ and FSC® forest certification schemes worldwide.

​We know the origin of the wood we use

UPM verifies that wood raw material supplied both to the company's own mills and mills owned by external customers is sustainably sourced, legally logged and procured in accordance with the requirements of international forest certification schemes.

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) took effect on 3 March 2013. EUTR prohibits the import of wood and wood products into the European market for products using wood that is harvested against the law of the country of origin. The regulation dictates that all operators who import wood products into the EU market for the first time must ensure that local laws have been adhered to when harvesting the wood. All operators must adopt a due diligence system in order to:

  • Confirm the specifications of the timber
  • Execute risk assessment
  • Reduce risks

We say no to wood from tropical rainforests

Global forest loss, which is caused by the growing need for food production and wood, particularly in the tropics, is a major concern to the whole forest sector.

UPM recognises this global challenge and responds to it in its own operations. We do not use mixed tropical hardwood from rainforests as raw material, nor do we accept wood from plantations that have been established by destroying rainforests. We do not operate in areas where the rights of indigenous peoples are not respected.