Committed to responsible sourcing throughout the entire supply chain

Ensuring that we implement responsible sourcing practices is something that we do not compromise on. We believe that by responsible sourcing, every choice can make a difference – at the end of the day, it is the decisions made by us and our suppliers that matter.

Co-operation with suppliers is the basis of a responsible supply chain

Our strength resides in the close and transparent co-operation with all of our key suppliers. A mutual understanding of the economic, environmental and social aspects and of our requirements concerning them creates a win-win situation for our suppliers and for us in the long run.

Responsible sourcing

Close co-operation with our suppliers, transparent supplier requirements, systematic risk assessments and ensuring supplier compliance are the four cornerstones of our responsible sourcing process.

Human rights in the supply chain

Human rights and social responsibility are important for us throughout the entire supply chain.

UPM Supplier and Third Party Code

We require all of our suppliers to apply the principles of UPM Supplier and Third Party Code and to fulfil its criteria on social and environmental responsibility.

Wood sourcing

Wood is our most important raw material; it is crucial for us that we can ensure that it is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Optimised logistics

We reduce the environmental impacts of our logistics through optimised routing and by favouring rail and sea transportation, low-emission fuels and the latest technology engines with lower emissions in all vehicles.

Recovered materials

Innovative thinking and a change in attitudes are needed in our efforts to implement the circular economy in which all side streams and residuals are seen as raw materials.
UPM press release
July 5, 2018

UPM joins Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative to enhance sustainability in its supply chains

UPM has joined Together for Sustainability (TfS), a chemical industry initiative that promotes and improves sustainability practises within its supply chains. By joining the initiative the member companies share a wide coverage of supplier data, such as audit reports and sustainability assessments performed by independent experts.