​UPM Restricted Chemical Substances List

To ensure that our pulp, paper and plywood products do not contain any hazardous chemicals or heavy metals that are harmful to health, we have created The UPM Restricted Chemical Substances List (UPM RSL). It lists roughly 6,000 chemicals that must not be used in our products.

​UPM RSL - Restricted Chemical Substances List

The UPM Restricted Chemical Substances List (UPM RSL) is an integral part of UPM’s commitment to product safety. The UPM RSL was first launched in 2010 and has since been adopted as part of the compulsory requirements that all UPM chemical suppliers must meet.

The UPM RSL is targeted to ensure that the materials provided and the methods used in the manufacturing of UPM products comply with the strictest global legislation regarding environment, health and product safety. The list is also intended to prohibit or limit the use of hazardous or otherwise detrimental chemicals in all UPM products.

The UPM RSL, as part of the responsible sourcing procedure, helps us to ensure that most of the materials are non-toxic both when being used and disposed of. The RSL also ensures that the materials do not involve toxic releases or cause damage to ecosystems during the manufacturing process.

UPM also strongly encourages its suppliers to fabricate materials from renewable and organic resources that are recyclable and biodegradable whenever possible, and to manufacture product components and materials with the best environmental conditions.