Strongly guided by product stewardship

For us, product stewardship is about much more than just making sure that our products are sustainable and safe to use. Product stewardship has a very broad meaning at UPM: with our ecodesign approach we want to make sure that when our products reach the end of their life cycle they can be used for something new – and that we can prove this.


​We take product stewardship a step further

UPM’s products are made from renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials, creating a solid basis for product stewardship.

We take product safety very seriously. We have created the UPM Restricted Chemical Substances List (UPM RSL) to ensure and prove that our products do not contain hazardous chemicals or heavy metals that are harmful to health. Substances of very high concern (SVHC, as defined by REACH) should not be used in the manufacturing of our products.

UPM products are well suited for recycling because of their main raw material – renewable wood – and our ecodesign approach. As part of our ecodesign approach, we actively look for innovative new ways to recycle our products at the end of their life.

We offer product declarations and environmental data for our products, thus providing our customers with easy access to any informa­tion they might need on the sustain­ability of the products and supply chain.

Our products have been granted several ecolabels, including the EU Ecolabel and The German Blue Angel. In addition, UPM’s production sites, as well as its wood-sourcing and forestry operations, have a verified environmental management system in place, and all mills using wood raw material apply either PEFCTM or FSC®-certified chain-of-custody systems, or both.

Product safety

We take product safety seriously and consider all aspects of it throughout the life cycle of our products – and beyond.

Ecodesigned products

Our ecodesign approach ensures the sustainability and responsibility of our products throughout their entire life cycle.

Recycling and recyclability

We actively strive to reduce waste and increase recycling and reuse in our processes and products. Our out-of-the-box thinking has produced many innovative solutions in this area.

Collaboration with customers

Strong collaboration in different forms as well as continuous, open dialogue help us to develop solutions that are beneficial for both customers and ourselves.

Environmental declarations

We offer product declarations and environmental data for most of our products.

Ecolabels and certificates

Our products have been awarded several ecolabels, including the EU Ecolabel, the German Blue Angel label and the PEFC and FSC forest certification labels.

​The UPM Biofore story continues through the Responsible FibreTM verification of a high performance UPM office paper range, creating a smart choice for a "New Future".  New Future office papers is the first product range to carry the new Responsible FibreTM trademark adopted by UPM.

This new trademark innovatively combines UPM's environmental responsibility and social responsibility into one cohesive philosophy followed throughout the product lifecycle. Responsible FibreTM is truly unique; it shows our commitment to ensure that all products carrying the trademark comply with the industry's most demanding responsibility criteria.

New Future


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May 2016

Responsible Fibre

Responsible FibreTM verified by UPM guarantees that the product meets the industry's most demanding environmental and social responsibility criteria verified by a third party.

May 18, 2017

A global move towards the circular economy

“Future developments will lead to biomass and bio-based materials becoming an essential part of the circular economy and new circular innovations,” says Joss Blériot, Executive Officer of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.