​​​​Other operations 

Other operations include forests and wood sourcing, UPM Biocomposites and UPM Biochemicals business units and Group services. UPM Biocomposites and UPM Biochemicals business units are the result of UPM's continuous new business development work.


Wood Sourcing and Forestry

Wood Sourcing and Forestry secures competitive wood and biomass for UPM businesses and manages UPM-owned forests. Approximately onesixth of UPM's wood consumption comes from company forests. At the end of 2017, UPM owned 570,000 hectares of forest in Finland and 75,000 hectares of forest in the United States. All of UPM's own forests are certified. UPM also offers a wide range of wood trade and forestry services to forest owners and forest investors. Real estate development is a continuous process within UPM. UPM sells non-strategic forest land and estates that offer an attractive alternative value.

UPM Biocomposites business unit

UPM's biocomposites are recyclable materials that combine natural fibres and plastic and reduce the amount of solid waste and carbon footprint. The business unit develops, manufactures, markets and sells high quality composite products and granulates for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.


UPM Biochemicals business unit

UPM Biochemicals focuses on three product categories: biochemicals, biomedical products and lignin products. Biochemicals replace oil-based products and can be used in, e.g., textiles, bottles, packaging, deicing products, composites, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and detergents.  Biomedical products can be used for 3D cell culturing and other biomedical materials. Lignin products replace oil-based products and can be used in, e.g., resins, plastics, foams and coatings.


​Sales, EURm281
​Comparable EBIT, EURm ​51
​Capital employed (average), EURm​1,465


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