UPM Strategy - Aiming Higher

UPM leads the forest-based bioindustry into a sustainable, innovation driven, and exciting future across six business areas.

Our Biofore strategy includes continuous improvement programmes and short-term

actions to drive performance; mid-term growth projects as well as mid- to long-term

development work to create new, high value-added growth. UPM develops its business portfolio in order to increase the long-term shareholder value.

1 Performance

> Continuous improvement

  •  Commercial excellence
  •  Cost efficiency
  •  High-performing people
  •  Efficient use of assets and capital

2 Growth

> Earnings growth

  • Sustainable and safe solutions for growing global consumer demand 
  • Growth projects with attractive and sustainable returns
  • Talent attraction

3 Innovation

> Growth and competitiveness

  • New businesses, products and technologies
  • Product, service and process development
  • Development of capabilities

4 Responsibility

> Continuous improvement

  • Renewable, recyclable and safe products
  • Responsible operations and value chain
  • Value-based leadership
  • Compliance

5 Portfolio

> Develop businesses with strong long-term fundamentals and sustainable competitive advantage

  • Transformative projects, synergistic M&A if opportunity and timing are right
  • Capitalise on corporate benefits and synergies
  • Disciplined and effective capital allocation and strong balance sheet


Responsible business

Responsibility is a source of competitive advantage and growth

Business areas

Driving for top performance in all business areas

UPM as an investment

Targeting attractive total return
Investor Relations: +358 (0)204 15 0033, ir@upm.com