UPM's Capital Markets Day 2018


UPM arranged a Capital Markets Day for investors and analysts in London on Thursday, 31 May, 2018. 


UPM has consistently improved its financial, social and environmental performance in recent years. Our business model, performance culture and effectiveness in capital expenditure have delivered excellent results. We continue to aim higher.

Limitless opportunities of bioeconomy

In the coming decade, changing consumer behaviour globally and new middle-class consumers in emerging markets will both create remarkable new demand but also raise the bar for businesses when it comes to responsibility. Answering this demand growth with sustainable and safe solutions provides limitless value creation opportunities for UPM's businesses today and in the future.

Aiming higher with continued transformation and earnings growth

UPM is in better standing than ever. Over the coming years, we can allocate more capital to growing and transforming the company while simultaneously distributing attractive dividend to our shareholders and maintaining headroom in our strong balance sheet.

Participants of the Capital Markets Day had the opportunity to discuss UPM's strategy, performance, growth, innovation and responsibility with the company's top management.

Presentations at the event:

Strategy and performance
PM Strategy    Jussi Pesonen  President and CEO
•Responsibility is good business  Tapio Korpeinen  CFO, EVP, UPM Energy
•Electricity everywhere  Tapio Korpeinen  CFO, EVP, UPM Energy
•Efficient made easy  Mika Sillanpää  EVP, UPM Plywood
•Consistent profitable performance  Winfried Schaur  EVP, UPM Communication Papers

Spearheads for growth
•Sustainable growth  Heikki Vappula  EVP, UPM Biorefining
•Labeling a smarter future  Antti Jääskeläinen  EVP, UPM Raflatac
•Confidence delivered  Bernd Eikens  EVP, UPM Specialty Papers
•Molecular bioproducts  Jyrki Ovaska  EVP, Technology

A recorded webcast of the event is available via UPM's web site . All presentations in pdf. format can be found on UPM's web site