UPM Biocomposites

UPM Biocomposites consists of UPM ProFi outdoor products for construction and UPM Formi granulates for injection moulding and extrusion. UPM ProFi and UPM Formi composites combine the best characteristics of natural fibres and plastic. Their principle ingredients are cellulose fibres and polymers, which are either virgin or recycled.

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Main raw material for UPM ProFi is recycled paper and plastic which is manufacturing surplus from UPM's self-adhesive label materials production. UPM Formi is manufactured from clean polymers and certified pulp.

Innovative material engineering of the raw materials enables new level of composite performance. Both environmentally sustainable materials are based on UPM's own research and development.

UPM Biocomposites business develops, manufactures, markets, and sells high-quality composite products for outdoor end uses in construction and granulates for wide range of industrial and consumer applications. UPM Biocomposites factories are located in Finland and Germany.

​UPM Biocomposites in figures

1m² UPM ProFi Deck contains

10kg of label waste

UPM Formi carbon foot print, compared to oil based materials


The composites are

100% recyclable

Our composite products:

  • UPM’s biocomposites combine natural fibres and plastic.

  • UPM ProFi products are used for decking and other outdoor end uses. UPM ProFi Deck gives outdoor living a fresh and modern feel. UPM ProFi Piazza, with a modern hardwood look, it is the ultra-low maintenance deck.

  • UPM ProFi composite deckings are designed and manufactured in Finland, Germany and the United States.

  • Other products include UPM ProFi Floor tile, UPM ProFi Fence, UPM ProFi Facade.

  • UPM Formi composite can be used to replace plastic in many applications, from furniture to consumer electronics. UPM Formi is manufactured from fibre and plastics. Around half of the plastic is replaced with cellulose fibres in the biocomposite.

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UPM ProFi Design Stories

UPM ProFi composite material has proved to be an inspiration to renowned architects and designers from around the world.

UPM ProFi decking products

Beauty and performance lie at the heart of the UPM ProFi low maintenance decking products. All the products are manufactured using patented composite.
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