​​​​Reframe the Supply Chain

Supply chain goes mobile in November when UPM Paper ENA is looking for new, innovative digitalized solutions for its supply chain at Junction hackathon in Helsinki. The track is powered by IBM Bluemix cloud platform and tools, and supported by experts from UPM, Tieto and IBM.

UPM Paper ENA is looking for new, innovative digitalized solutions for its Supply Chain. ​Large amounts of paper are produced daily and shipped from UPM paper mills to customers around the globe. On-time delivery requires careful planning and a clear view of the location of the cargo on its way to the customer. Mobility, IoT and Data Analytics are expected to offer a platform for new, innovative ways of working to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Participants are offered the challenge of creating new, innovative digitalized solutions, work with real data and come up with solutions that can have a big impact on our global operations. We present three interesting challenges for participants to tackle on!


UPM Junction Challenges

#1.  Supply Chain Goes M​obile / Product Tracking Service Concept:  Present a solution for easy identification and tracking of paper products. How can a paper roll be easily identified and relevant order, production and quality information presented in a user friendly way? How can the arrival of a delivery to the final destination be registered independently of the transport mode and service provider? 

#2.  Supply Chain Visualisation: Show us a state-of-the-art visual design providing both the big picture and the critical details. Step into the customer's shoes and create smart view of order life-cycles, or create a solution to support internal decision-making by visualising global cargo flows. How can all the information be presented effectively?

#3. Data Analytics: Work with our large set of real data and showcase the power of analytics! How to improve production flows, optimize delivery times and increase customer satisfaction? Come up with new insights and proposals and impress the jury!

The track is powered by IBM Bluemix, a cloud-based application platform, ​and supported by experts from Tieto and IBM together with UPM business representatives.  

​Criteria for winning

High business value, a well-sco
ped and applicable solution, easy to pilot and adopt. Innovativeness of approach, new ways of collecting, using and presenting information.​


About Junction 

Helsinki-based Junction is Europe’s leading hackathon and a converging point for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from across the world. It’s held on November 25–27th.




NOV 28 2016

Thank you Junction2016!

Junction, Europe’s leading hackathon, was held on November 25th‒27th in Wanha Satama, Helsinki. During 48 hours, teams of hackers and designers competed in creating the best hack in 11 different tracks ranging from virtual reality and IoT to healthcare and fintech. UPM shared the IoT track with JCDeaux and Futurice, and the track was the most popular of all with 650 applications. There were 13 teams competing on UPM’s challenge and 1,500 people altogether in the event.

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