UPM challenges partners to view forest from a new perspective

We at UPM actively develop solutions based on the bio and circular economy model, where materials and value circulate, and added value is generated by services and smart operations. Moreover, we are finding new ways to replace fossil-based materials with renewables. We are especially looking for partners to develop solutions in circular economy, customer friendly digital solutions, utilization of non-core patents and industrial internet.

Do you share our vision of sustainable innovation driven future?

We are constantly looking for partners among start-ups, other industrial companies and research institutes, just to name a few.

If you are interested, please contact us: Esa Laurinsilta, Director, Strategic Partnerships, firstname.lastname@upm.com

Contact us: Esa Laurinsilta, Director, Strategic Partnerships, firstname.lastname@upm.com

Added value and flexibility through partnerships

Partnerships also enable UPM to develop new business models and utilise patents that would otherwise be neglected. Partnerships are needed in all businesses, but the biggest challenges for innovation and partnerships are in new businesses as application development in new markets requires new practices. Partnerships enable us to develop new solutions and get to the market faster.

UPM works together with a wide network of universities and research institutes as well as start-ups and technology suppliers, to support UPM's internal R&D activities and development projects.


UPM is seeking business development and innovation in various bioeconomy projects through collaboration. The special focus areas are development of by-product utilisation, resource efficiency and the circular economy.

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Sustainable innovations

We all benefit from strong collaboration 


UPM is a shareholder in the Finnish CLIC Innovation, which focuses on bioeconomy and cleantech research. The Cluster’s research programmes focus on bioeconomy as well as energy and environmental research, thus supporting UPM’s internal R&D activities.

UPM is one of the founding members of the industrial consortium part of the European Joint Undertaking on Bio-based Industries (BBI). This Public Private Partnership (PPP) aims to trigger investments and create a competitive market for bio-based products and materials that are sourced locally. For UPM, the PPP is an important funding element for speeding up the implementation of future investments.

An excellent example is UPM’s ValChem (Value Added Chemical Buiding Blocks and Lignin from Wood) project, which has received significant funding from the EU under the BBI joint undertaking. The project will be implemented in cooperation with Sekab, METabolic Explorer and Technische Universität Darmstandt.     

We want to provide our customers with solutions that help them to improve and succeed. The best way to do this is through smooth collaboration and a continuous dialogue that leads to a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs.