​Safety induction in English


Welcome to UPM Safety Induction!

UPM Safety Induction tool walks you through the safety related topics that you need to be aware of when performing work at any of UPM sites.

Maintenance, building or other service provider

If you perform maintenance work or provide other services at UPM premises, you must pass the following two safety induction modules:

• UPM General Safety Induction, which covers globally applicable safety topics

• Site specific module, which covers local safety guidelines and recommendations
in more detail

Heavy goods vehicle driver​

If you are a heavy goods vehicle driver working for a Finnish transportation company or its sub-contractor, you only need to complete and pass the safety induction module for heavy goods vehicle drivers.​

​Please note

If you perform work on several UPM sites, you need to certify for each site separately. Certificate on UPM general safety induction is needed only once.

After passing each module you can print out a certificate card. Please, keep the card with you as a proof of your certificate. 

The inductions are valid for maximum three years. The validity time may vary unit by unit and can be affected by a fundamental change in the induction content.  

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