UPM uBuy - eCatalogues and eConnectivity

eConnectivity is for purchase orders, order confirmations and advance shipping notes in UPM. UPM supports free roaming eConnectivity between operators. Free roaming ensures that suppliers are able to utilize their existing service providers and connections when connecting with UPM. If your volumes with UPM make it worth to utilize direct eConnectivity, please see the instructions below. The technical connectivity is free of charge, but all other related costs (such as trainings, modifications, tests, time and materials) are negotiated separately for each case.

UPM supports catalogue ordering - UPM has its own catalogue solution for easy-to-use online catalogues. Catalogues are used mainly to enable streamlined end-user purchases for agreed products from selected suppliers. If you are interested in offering UPM products through eCatalogues, please contact eprocurement@upm.com.