UPM follows clearly defined selection and follow-up processes when evaluating suppliers. Strategic fit, service range, product performance, quality and sustainability are the important factors when selecting and evaluating suppliers.

Suppliers are encouraged to apply management systems based on internationally recognised standards (such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) and the best techniques and practices available. Based on risk assessments, UPM identifies suppliers whose operations will then be evaluated or audited to ensure that the set requirements are met.

UPM Supplier and Third Party Code

UPM requires all its suppliers to apply the principles of the Code of Conduct and fulfil its criteria on social and environmental responsibility. These supplier requirements are defined in the UPM Supplier and Third Party Code.

General Purchasing Conditions

General Purchasing Conditions are applied to all purchasing of products and services. 

Travel Rule for third parties

 Travel Rule for third parties is applied to any external consultants, contractors or other third parties' travelling at UPM's expense.


UPM accepts only electronic invoices in Finland, Germany, Austria, UK, France and US. 

UPM uBuy - eCatalogues and eConnectivity

eConnectivity for purchase orders, order confirmations and advance shipping notes in UPM - UPM supports free roaming eConnectivity between operators. Free roaming ensures that suppliers are able to utilize their existing service providers and connections when connecting with UPM. If your volumes with UPM would make it worth to utilize direct eConnectivity , please see the instructions below. The technical connectivity is free of charge, but all other related costs (such as trainings, modifications, tests, time and materials etc...) are negotiated separately for each case.

UPM supports catalogue ordering - UPM has own catalogue solution for easy-to-use online catalogues. Catalogues are used mainly to enable streamlined end-user purchases for agreed products from selected suppliers. If you are interested in offering UPM products through eCatalogues, please see the instructions below. 

​Area specific requirements


UPM requires all its suppliers to be fullycompliant with the requirements of theEuropean Community REACH and CLP.


UPM aims to deliver its products to the customers on time and in a sound condition. We also aim to provide a healthy and safe working place for our own and our suppliers’ employees.


UPM sets specific requirements for its pulp suppliers regarding environmental performance, forestry, wood sourcing, EU Ecolabels and reporting.


UPM requires its suppliers to pack the products properly to withstand handling, transport and storage conditions.

Recovered paper

UPM is the world’s largest user of recovered paper in the graphic paper industry. In 2016, the total consumption of recovered paper was approximately 2.8 million tonnes.

Wood Sourcing and Forestry

UPM is both a major forest owner and a purchaser of wood. UPM's wood sourcing operations are closely integrated with the UPM businesses that use wood as a basic raw material.


eConnectivity for purchase orders, order confirmations and advance shipping notes in UPM - UPM supports free roaming eConnectivity between operators.