To UPM, the health and safety of employees, visitors and all other people affected by our operations are of paramount importance. Our aim is to be the industry leader in safety. As a result of the company-wide "Step Change in Safety" initiative, safety results improved significantly.

We comply with international, national and local rules, regulations and agreements. In the event that these prove to be insufficient or open to various interpretations, we follow our own company-wide internal standards, principles and practices. 

UPM safety standards and rules apply for all suppliers

We insist that our business partners and their employees on our sites comply with the rules and standards we have established for ourselves: 

  • We involve a cross section of employees in planning and risk assessment activities and we ensure safety through effective risk control measures.
  • We have a process of collecting safety data from our organization in order to recognize the root causes of incidents and learn how to prevent them in the future.
  • We act fast in correcting identified safety issues or vulnerabilities.
  • We train our personnel and contractors on safe working practices and our requirements for safety.
  • We regularly audit and evaluate all safety processes and programs to continuously improve our performance.
  • We do not tolerate drugs or alcohol in our working environment. Additionally, as of 1 January 2013 UPM becomes a non-smoking workplace in Finland. The non-smoking rule applies to everybody working on UPM premises, including visitors, suppliers and subcontractors.