UPM is a significant user and buyer of recovered paper

UPM is the world’s largest user of recovered paper in the graphic paper industry. In 2014, the total consumption of recovered paper was approximately 3.4 million tonnes. The recovered paper used by UPM is purchased from Europe, where the most significant suppliers are local municipal authorities, waste management companies and printing houses. UPM aims to optimise the value chain of recovered paper by focusing on local supply close to the mills with minimal costs and environmental impact.

Recovered paper grades purchased by UPM

Our recovered paper purchasing is based on EN643 standards. UPM purchases RCP both in loose and baled form and uses self-billing as invoicing method. Main delivery terms in use are FCA and DDP according to Incoterms® 2010. 

UPM requires all its suppliers to apply the principles of the Code of Conduct and fulfil its criteria on social and environmental responsibility. These supplier requirements are defined in the UPM Supplier Code. UPM also expects from its suppliers commitment to RCP general purchasing conditions.

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More information for the EN643 standard is available in the "European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling".

For offers, please contact: : RCP.ContractReview@upm.com