UPM requires all its suppliers to be fully compliant with the requirements of the European Community REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) regulations.


Pre-Evaluation Is Made Prior To Purchasing Decision

We pre-evaluate all chemicals prior to the purchasing decision. Following documents must therefore be provided to UPM mill procurement and to the contact person for chemical purchasing:

  1. Latest Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in the languages of UPM operating units.
  2. Supplier’s declaration that the chemical in question does not include any prohibited substances or information of the content of the restricted substances included in the UPM Restricted Chemical Substance List (RSL).
  3. Eco label declaration/information if applicable
  4. Supplier’s statement that the chemical/raw material in question is compliant with US Food and Drug Administration FDA requirements for food contact materials (FDA CFR 21, Part 176 or another relevant part) and/or Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR) recommendation XXXVI, if applicable.
  5. Comply with toy safety requirements if applicable
  6. Comply with the regulations of The EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012 (EU BPR) if applicable


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The MSDS must contain all the elements required by the chemical legislation following the ECHA guidance. If there are any changes later or in the MSDS document a separate update must be sent in pdf format to and to your sourcing contact.

The accompanying email must also include information detailing to which UPM Pulp and Paper mills in Europe or UPM Timber and Plywood units in Finland the chemical has been delivered to.


UPM Restricted Chemical Substance List (UPM RSL)

To guarantee that chemical suppliers are compliant with UPM's high sustainability standards, UPM has launched the UPM Restricted Chemical Substance List (UPM RSL) which is an attachment in the UPM contract. We trust all our pulp, paper and plywood mill chemical and raw material suppliers to comply with the list. UPM RSL is divided to two sections: Section 1) Prohibited substances that shall not be intentionally included in the raw materials or chemicals and section 2) Restricted substances. Suppliers are required to inform the possible content of the restricted substances to their contact in UPM Souring organization.

EU Ecolabel Requirements

EU Ecolabel sets further criteria for UPM graphic, copying and newsprint paper production processes covering:

  • use of natural resources
  • chemicals
  • energy consumption
  • emissions to air and water
  • waste management
  • fibers

When supplying process chemicals to UPM mills manufacturing Ecolabeled copy or graphic paper or Ecolabeled newsprint paper, the supplier must provide a warranty according to the EU Ecolabel copying or graphic paper criteria (2011/333/EU; Chemicals are at criterion 4 – Excluded or limited substance and mixtures) or EU Ecolabel newsprint criteria (2012/448/EU) together with the latest updated MSDS to the Competent Body/ Kirsi Auranmaa (kirsi.auranmaa(at) and to  
UPM Environment and Responsibility/Miia Härkönen (productstewardship(at)

Chemical requirements for paper and pulp (links to the Declaration documents.)

EU Ecolabel Copying and graphic paper (2011/333/EU)


Declaration 1 – Cleaning agents, Dispersing agents and Foam inhibitors/Defoamers

Declaration 1 – Chemical products

Declaration 2 – Coating chemicals

Declaration 2 – Cleaning agents, Dispersing agents and Foam inhibitors/ Defoamers

Declaration 3 – Retention agents and other polymer containing chemicals (e.g. water repellents and chemicals for water treatment)

Declaration 3 – Retention agents and other polymer containing chemicals

Declaration 4 – Surfactants in de-inking chemicals

Declaration 4 – Surfactants in de-inking chemicals

Declaration 5 – Biocides

Declaration 5 – Biocides or biostatic agents

Declaration 6 – Dyes

Declaration 6 – Dyes

Pulps need to fulfill Tissue Criteria requirements.

Nordic Ecolabel (Swan) Requirements

Nordic Ecolabelling has set environmental requirements concerning the origin of the raw wood material, the emissions to air and water, the use of energy as well as the chemicals used in the production of the pulp and paper. Products are reviewed through a life-cycle perspective, from source to waste.

The Basic Module contains general requirements concerning forestry management, emissions, energy use and waste disposal in regard to pulp and paper production. The Forestry Requirements contains information about the requirements for raw materials deriving from forestry operations.

The Chemical Module contains general requirements in regard to the users of chemicals in the manufacture of pulp and paper. When supplying process chemicals to UPM Jämsänkoski, Kaipola, Kaukas, Kymi, Nordland, Plattling and Rauma mills as well as Fray Bentos, Kaukas, Kymi and Pietarsaari pulp mills Suppliers must fulfill Nordic Ecolabelling (Swan) chemical criteria. In practice, suppliers have to add requested information into My Swan account tool, developed by Nordic Ecolabel. The My Swan Account is database for chemicals used at Nordic Ecolabelled pulp, paper and printing companies.


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