The concept car is designed and manufactured in partnership with Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, and several other partner companies. The engineering and industrial design students of Metropolia design and manufacture the car with the guidance of teachers who have successfully carried out several internationally renowned concept car projects.

The project combines expertise and insights from several prominent organizations from the field of high technology. The Biofore Concept Car is among the finest manifestations of Biofore strategy to date and we believe it will be a milestone in the utilisation of next generation biomaterials in the automotive value chain. 


UPM and Metropolia proudly present: The Biofore Concept Car

(UPM, Helsinki, 4 March 2014 at 09:30 EET) The Biofore Concept Car showcases the use of UPM’s innovative biomaterials in the automotive industry. The majority of parts traditionally made from plastics are replaced with high quality, safe and durable biomaterials, UPM Formi and UPM Grada, which can significantly improve the overall environmental performance of car manufacturing. The Biofore Concept Car is designed and manufactured by students from the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.


Next generation passenger car

The automotive industry is going through a major paradigm shift. All traditional forms of power output, fuels, materials and vehicle types are being questioned. The choices we make in the near future are crucial in redefining the passenger car as a more responsible option for transportation.






   The Biofore Concept Car is designed following the principles of sustainability and recyclability.
   It will have a modern internal combustion diesel engine and will be driven with UPM BioVerno
   - the novel wood-based renewable diesel made 100% outside the food value chain.
   Most of the components will showcase innovative use of renewable materials.

   The vehicle will have many plastic components replaced by parts made of UPM's Grada
   thermoformable wood material and UPM Formi cellulose fibre biocomposite.
   Both UPM Grada and UPM Formi bring considerable environmental benefit in the overall
   lifecycle of modern vehicle manufacturing. The car will naturally fulfill all vehicle
   safety regulations in its class.

   The Biofore Concept Car will also showcase the versatility of UPM Raflatac label materials
   as they will be used in the interior and exterior design as well as to mark spare parts.



True Biofore product

The car is a true Biofore product combining commitment with innovation
and expertise in biomaterials. It is different from other concept cars,
as it will prove its strengths in the very near future, and will be
manufactured to be a street-legal vehicle.


UPM creates value from renewable and recyclable materials by combining the expertise and technologies from fibre-based, energy-related and engineered materials businesses. UPM has been guiding its research and development with the lifecycle impact analysis for the last 15 years. Our holistic ecodesign approach is also the backbone of the concept car project.

With UPM's breakthroughs in engineered and renewable materials, the automotive sector has an opportunity to improve its own environmental performance. Many plastic parts and components can be replaced with biomaterial-based alternatives. This is brilliantly proven in the Biofore Concept Car project.

The design of the concept car has appropriately been inspired by the forest - by the pine cone. A good reminder of our source of renewable resources, raw materials and innovation!




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