UPM Blandin urges public to respect the land


Grand Rapids, MN (October 8, 2010) -- UPM Blandin has welcomed public use of company forest land for decades. While this is still the case, Blandin foresters are asking the public to respect the land. Under the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act, it is illegal for any person to attempt to reserve areas of company land for their personal use, by acts of intimidation, hunting stand construction, placing personal locks on company gates, or placement of signs.
"Beginning in 2007 we posted new signs on our lands and published articles to educate hunters on our land use policy," said Jim Marshall, UPM Blandin Forest Resources Manager. "We are asking hunters to remove stands they may have built on company land in the past." To date, Blandin has removed over 80 permanent stands.
Outdoor enthusiasts will notice signs posted around Blandin forest lands at trail and road entrances. Hunters who use Blandin lands are expected to follow federal, state and local regulations. In addition, Blandin's policy allows only temporary portable stands or blinds on its property. The use of any stand or steps that are permanently affixed to trees using nails or screws, or is permanently affixed to the ground is not allowed.
Hunters may erect small, legal-height temporary portable stands or blinds that do not damage live trees.

Blandin has never allowed buildings to be placed on its forest land. Therefore, any deer stand which has walls and/or roof will be considered in violation of the policy and will be removed. All stands or blinds are to be removed within 14 days after close of the hunting season for which they were used.

Hunters need to abide by these guidelines:
  • Construction of permanent stands is not allowed
  • Portable stands are welcome.
  • Occupying permanent stands is not allowed.
  • Mowing of roads, trails, edges and openings is prohibited.
  • Cutting of live vegetation, trees or brush is not allowed.
  • Please remove your trash and pick up your shell casings.


Temporary fall season hunting camps are allowed, provided the camps:

Are not set up along major roads.  Have no signs indicating permanence.  Are occupied within 48 hours of set-up, are continuously occupied during the hunting season and are limited to a maximum of three weeks during the hunting season.

Off-Highway vehicles (OHVs) Operators need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ride only on roads and trails that have a stable surface.
  • Stay out of swamps, bogs, and streams – these are strictly off-limits.
  • Stay off Grant-in-Aid Snowmobile trails.
  • Construction of new trails is not allowed.
  • No off-trail riding.

    Please do your part to keep Blandin forest lands safe, clean and beautiful.


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