UPM Blandin removes buildings along the river

​Grand Rapids, MN --  (April 18, 2012)  UPM Blandin is proceeding to remove buildings that have not been in use since the closures of Nos. 3 and 4 paper lines in 2003.  Once the demolition is completed in early fall, this area will be planted with native trees and shrubs along with a rain garden. A rain garden is a planted depression that captures rainwater and naturally filters it before it enters nearby waterways.  Taking care to prevent erosion, the banks along the Mississippi river will be sloped and seeded.

“It was time to remove these older buildings which were no longer used in production and becoming a safety consideration,” said Joe Maher, UPM Blandin General Manager.  “We are pleased with the progress and look forward to creating an area that will be visually attractive to residents and visitors alike.”

For everyone’s safety, the general public is asked to stay away from these areas.

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