UPM Blandin forest ecologist Cheryl Adams receives MFRP award

Grand Rapids, MN. December 21, 2011 -- UPM Blandin Forest Ecologist, Cheryl Adams received the Professional Development Award from the Minnesota Forest Resources Partnership (MFRP) Thursday, December 20 in Grand Rapids.  The award is in recognition of Adams’ commitment to advancing ecological management practices.

“Cheryl has played a central role in developing Minnesota’s ecological management practices, striving to apply them to numerous forestry endeavors in Minnesota,” said Kathleen Preece, MFRP Executive Director.  “Cheryl has gone ‘above and beyond’ her role as a Blandin Forest Ecologist,  making personal contacts with private landowners, enlisting the cooperation of loggers and foresters alike to give of their time providing hands-on education to woodland owners throughout the state.”

Adams has been the Forest Ecologist at UPM Blandin for the past 12 years and developed Blandin’s innovative Smart Forestry Program.  Prior to Blandin she was instructor of Natural Resources at ICC.  Adams attended college achieving bachelor and master degrees in forestry and soil science from Michigan Technological University.

“By sponsoring things like the Intermediate Stand Treatment workshops, MFRP has contributed much to making our forests better,” said Adams.  “I enjoy working with landowners and forestry professionals throughout the state, who all strive to improve the health and productivity of our forests.  I am honored to receive this award.”

The current MFRP chair is Mike Polzin, biofuels manager at Minnesota Power; incoming chair for 2012 is UPM Blandin Forest Resources Manager Jim Marshall.

“We are very proud of Cheryl and the work she has done to educate both natural resource professionals and family forest owners,” said Marshall.  “Our own Blandin forestry staff has benefitted from her unique ability to aggregate scientific research, on-the-ground experience, soil science, and logging perspectives into a very effective and efficient approach to northern Minnesota mixed species silviculture.  This award acknowledges what we have hoped for—spreading the word beyond our own corporate forest boundaries, to greater Minnesota.”

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