Blandin forestry




UPM Blandin Forestry in the USA is responsible for supplying the Blandin paper mill with the timber it requires and for sus­tainable management of the forests owned by UPM in the USA. The forestry unit is based at the mill in the town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota and employs nine people. UPM owns and manages 187,876 acres of forest land making it one of the largest private owners in Minnesota.

UPM buys 200,000 cords of wood per year from private, state and company owned land, for use in the Blandin mill. Another 30,000 cords of pulpwood, saw logs and biomass are sold to others. All of the wood is transport­ed by road. UPM uses a certified tracking system which identifies country, region and forest of origin for all deliveries.

Harvesting is carried out by independent logging contrac­tors. The most commonly used harvesting method is clear-felling. The remainder is from seed tree, shelter wood, and commercial thinning. Approximately half of the wood is cut using cut-to-length Scandinavian harvesters.