UPM Japan 30 years anniversary

UPM Japan celebrated its 30th anniversary on Friday, 15 October 2010 in a Tokyo hotel ball room. Over 250 customers and business contacts from all UPM business areas attended the party hosted by Jyrki Ovaska, President of Paper Business Group, Pertti Salminen, Senior Executive Vice President in charge of UPM APAC business area, Timo Varhama, the Japan sales company leader and top management representants from Timber, Plywood and Raflatac businesses. Included among the guests were many high level executives from well known Japanese companies, all UPM customers, as well as contacts among finance, insurance, shipping, logistics, media, environmental organizations etc.

In the main speech, Jyrki Ovaska emphasized UPM's long history and wide customer relations in Japan as well as the new UPM Biofore business model and the company emphasis on environmentally sustainable principles. A colorful "sake barrel opening" ceremony was held on stage attended by selected key customers, Ambassador of Finland and the well known Finnish born politician Mr. Marutei Tsurunen. In his "kampai" speech, Mr Tsurunen, Member in the Japan Parliament Upper House, also emphasized UPM's high credentials in environmental matters.

Good time was had by all customers enjoying delicious food and drinks offered from the stands around the room and socializing with each other and the hosts. At the center of the room, a big ice carving in the shape of Griffin was focus of much attention.

In his closing speech, Chairman Katsumata of Marubeni Corporation, UPM's biggest paper buyer in Asia, reminiscenced his long time association with UPM including numerous personal visits to Finland and wished UPM best success in Japan and Asia for the next 30 years.