Responsibility in Action

At UPM we believe we have a pivotal contribution to make toward sustainable development. It is an inherent part of our vision, purpose and values.

As we lead the integration of the forest and bio industries and bring our Biofore Vision to life, it demands a responsibility not only to our shareholders, but also to society and the environment around us – not only to develop good business, but to do so in a way which is socially and environmentally responsible.
At UPM we see sustainability as a way to drive innovation, to spot business opportunities and to develop our products and services.

Our products are based on renewable and recyclable raw materials, are produced with due care for resources, eco-systems and local communities, and are designed to help our customers and society meet their own environmental and social aspirations.

To guide us in our Biofore journey we have established a series of 11 principles covering the three pillars of our Economic, Social and Environmental responsibility. Each of these Responsibility Principles  covers an area where we believe we have a significant positive contribution to make. And for each principle we have defined Key Performance Indicators, and set targets for future performance.

Above we describe in more detail each of our Environmental Principles (Sustainable Products, Climate, Water, Forests, and Waste) and our responsibility to People & Society. And we invite you to learn more about how UPM is putting Responsibility into Action.