UPM Japan new General Manager inauguration

​New UPM Japan General Manager inauguration party was held on Friday 24 May 2013 in a Tokyo hotel ball room. UPM Japan’s long term customers for paper, timber etc and UPM top management from Head office and Asia Pacific attended.
In this opening speech, Mr Jyrki Ovaska told guests, “Today UPM and other paper manufacturers in Japan are going through very tough times. It is in this kind of business environment we will have a change at the helm of the UPM Japan sales office.” He introduced Mr Tatsunosuke Tominaga, as “a well-established person in the Japanese paper circles with a long career. His wide industry experience and networks will be put into a true test as UPM strives for future business opportunities in Japan.”
Mr Ovaska also thanked Mr Timo Varhama, for his contribution in developing UPM Japan over the past 16 years into its current strong position in the market. Mr Ovaska told guests that “Varhama’s long and successful service of totally 41 years for UPM, whereof 21 years in Japan stands as unique achievement.”
In the new General Manager’s speech, Tatsunosuke Tominaga stated “I would like to prove our customers the difference between UPM paper and other paper. There is advantage using UPM paper to meet your demand.”
Good time was had by all customers welcoming new General Manager Tominaga and thanking Varhama.


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