UPM Christmas tree in Midtown

This year we have had World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and UPM has been playing an active role for the related events in Helsinki. Now adding more excitement to the Finnish festivities here in the middle of Tokyo city.
 Tokyo Midtown, a well known big commercial building complex, is holding its annual Christmas event with lots of Finnish elements this year. One of the big features is Christmas tree provided by UPM, which travelled from Tsumagoi village in Gumma highlands. A six-meter high spruce tree with Finnish traditional craft ‘himmeli’ decoration is standing in a pot made of UPM ProFi materials. This is the main icon of the Tokyo Midtown event which all visitors to the event will come and see. Behind the tree, UPM “aurora” promotion video will be shown to the visiting  public that is expected to count in thousands every day.
During 15 November - 25 December, many Finnish events will be introduced, such as Santa Clause parade from Korvanturi village, Rovaniemi, Christmas songs by Finnish school children choir,  himmeli work shop, Finnish gingerbread baking school, Christmas stories read by Finnish Ambassador’s wife, Finnish handicraft and design pop-up shops, photo shooting session and so on. In the park behind the complex, a giant light show consisting of 3,000 LED-lights is another annual attraction that gathers big crowds to Midtown every night.
After the exhibition, our spruce tree is planned to be used for Santa’s sleigh next year - an environmental friendly recycling solution. Japanese aim to avoid “throw away” mentality even with Christmas trees!

Suntory Museum of Art located in Midtown is also holding Finland Design Exhibition, introducing 100 years history of Iittala glass designs, including world famous classics by Kaj Franck, Timo Sarpaneva and Tapio Wirkkala as well as the famous birds by Oiva Toikka. This is the biggest ever exhibition of Finnish glass in Japan.

We have spread the message among our customers that they would join the event with their families and loved ones together with the crowds at Midtown and enjoy Finland Christmas and Finnish design, that we helped to provide. Think this will endear UPM to them effectively.

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