UPM launches a new composite in which wood fibres replace non-renewable raw material

(UPM, Helsinki, 31 October 2011 at 12.10) – UPM has developed a new composite for both industrial and consumer end-uses. The new composite is made from virgin wood fibers and clean plastic polymers. The proportion of wood fibres in the composite varies from 20 to 60 percent depending on the end-use.

UPM’s new composite is suitable for various end-uses, explains Stefan Fors, Director of UPM’s Advanced Fibre Materials. “UPM’s new composite is ideal for electronic and automotive industries. It is also good material for furniture, tableware and other goods for everyday living. The possibilities are extensive. Our strong point is the raw material — renewable and wood-based pulp fibre.”

The new composite can be dyed and moulded like plastic. Products made from UPM’s composite are consistent quality, odourless and safe. The material is delivered to customers in the form of composite granules, which UPM produces in Lahti, Finland.

“Our aim is to find new international development partners for our product and increase production with the business”, states Mr Fors.

For more information, please contact:
Mr Stefan Fors, Director, Advanced Fibre Materials, New Businesses & Development, UPM, tel: +358 40 5713338

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