UPM Pulp

UPM Pulp serves the global market with a comprehensive assortment of sustainably produced eucalyptus, birch and softwood pulp grades for a variety of tissue, specialty paper, board, printing and writing paper and other applications.​

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Our supplier reliability is based on our modern and efficient mills in Uruguay and Finland, dynamic sales force, local technical support and service, and long-term logistics partners.

For over 100 years we have been in the forefront of development continuously pushing for new ideas. All this gathered in-house experience is at our customers’ disposal when finding the most suitable pulp for your products.

Our modern pulp mills are also an invaluable source of wood-based, renewable energy as well as by-products and residues, which are used for innovative bio-products.

UPM Pulp is part of the UPM Biorefining Business Area, which combines integrated production of pulp, renewable diesel, sawn timber and energy with a joint wood raw material supply chain.

What makes us your perfect partner

  • Reliable and responsible supplier with outstanding environmental performance
  • Versatile set of pulp grades for a wide range of end uses
  • Own sales and service network with global partners
  • Modern and efficient pulp mils in Finland and Uruguay

​UPM Pulp in figures




4 pulp mills

Pulp production capacity

3.6 million tonnes