In dialogue with people and society

We believe in maintaining a good dialogue with all of our stakeholders, who vary from customers to authorities – not forgetting our own people who constitute a very important stakeholder group for UPM. We are a global company with local impacts, and have responsibility embedded in our strategy. That means that we must always act and behave responsibly – with no exceptions. Our Code of Conduct establishes the principles of responsible behaviour towards all of our stakeholders.

Engaged with society

Well-functioning stakeholder dialogue is a key component for our success – we strive for a deep understanding of our stakeholders’ needs and views in order to create true value for them. Our most important stakeholders are customers, investors and financiers, employees, suppliers, authorities and key decision-makers, the media, non-governmental organisations and local communities. A materiality analysis is one way to create a shared picture of what is essential for all parties.

We impact local communities and societies in many ways. We are committed to developing the vitality of the communities close to our operations through active co-operation and open dialogue with various stakeholders as well as, for example, through sponsorships and donations. We make social responsibility a reality through our strong commitment to responsible and ethical business practices wherever we operate.

Our economic impact is also significant locally and nationally, and we promote the transparency of tax issues.

As a global player, we see it as our duty and privilege to actively participate in the work of several international and national organisations and initiatives within the realm of responsibility and sustainable development.

Stakeholder engagement

It is crucial to our future success that we understand our stakeholders’ specific needs and expectations and build long-term stakeholder engagement.

Societal impact

We create prosperity from the forest value chain. Our economic impacts cover all UPM key stakeholders – from investors and employees to customers, local communities and decision makers.

Our people

We want to offer a safe and inspiring working environment for our people. We encourage our employees to grow professionally and we support them in developing their skills.

Public affairs

As a part of our stakeholder dialogue we engage with governments, regulators and NGOs at both global and local level.

Cooperation and memberships

We co-operate with and are members of several organisations, initiatives and networks that promote responsibility and sustainable development.

Biofore Share and Care

UPM’s Biofore Share and Care programme reflects our commitment to building a sustainable, innovation-driven future by sharing our expertise and assets for causes we care about.
MARCH 10 2016

Investing in leadership

Developing leadership skills is a major focus area at UPM. The company’s apprenticeship-based training programme for managers is one example of UPM’s investments in leadership. A total of 350 people applied for the programme last autumn, and nine applicants were selected to begin their studies in February 2016.