UPM Paper EN A produces magazine papers, newsprint and fine papers for a wide range of end uses in 17 efficient paper mills in Europe and the United States. The main customers are publishers, cataloguers, retailers, printers and merchants. UPM has a global paper sales network and an efficient logistics system.

​Our direction

  • Improve profitability and maximise cash flow through a simplified customerfocused sales strategy
  • Make use of optimisation opportunities in the extensive low-cost operations

Our strengths

  • Extensive low-cost operations providing continuous opportunities for optimization
  • Reliable supplier with consistently high quality, excellent service as well as a wide product palette
  • Scale and skills in responsible sourcing and manufacturing
  • Environmental and technical expertise, consistent product development

UPM Paper ENA value created  

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Markets and drivers

  • Graphic paper demand is driven by advertising spending in printed media and in targeted and unaddressed direct marketing, magazine and newspaper circulations and titles as well as home and office paper consumption.
  • Following the increased use of digital media in the consumer market, paper consumption has been in structural decline in mature markets in Europe and North America since 2007-08. Despite the overall decline, however, there are still growth opportunities in certain end-use and market segments.
  • In Europe, demand for graphic papers decreased by 4% in 2015. The decline was steeper in newsprint and magazine paper, while uncoated fine paper demand decline was more moderate. Demand development by country also varies. The German market is experiencing slower decline than, for example, the UK or the Nordic market.
  • In North America, demand for magazine paper decreased by 7% in 2015. Also in North America, the uncoated fine paper demand was holding up better than that of the other grades.

Key figures

​Sales, EURm​5,0565,284
​Operating profit excl. special items, EURm​24​181
​% of sales​0.53.4
​Capital employed (average), EURm​2,289​2,511
​ROCE, excl.speciakl items, %​1.0​7.2
​Cash flow / Capital employed, %​4.612.9​
​Personnel on 31 December​9,472​10,467


Business areas

Driving for top performance in all business areas

UPM as an investment

Targeting attractive total return

Financial targets

Profitability improved in 2015