UPM Paper EN A produces magazine papers, newsprint and fine papers for a wide range of end uses in 15 efficient paper mills in Europe and the United States. The main customers are publishers, cataloguers, retailers, printers and merchants. UPM has a global paper sales network and an efficient logistics system.

​Our direction

  • Maximise cash flow using differentiated commercial strategies and disciplined performance management
  • Make use of optimisation opportunities in the extensive low-cost operations

Our strengths

  • Reliable supplier with consistently high quality, excellent service as well as a wide product range
  • Extensive low-cost operations providing continuous opportunities for optimisation
  • Scale and skills in responsible sourcing and manufacturing
  • Environmental and technical expertise, consistent product development

UPM Paper ENA value created  

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Demand drivers

  • Advertising spend
  • Role of paper in the marketing mix
  • Publishers’ business model
  • Reading habits
  • Ways of working and learning

Key figures

​Sales, EURm​4,8185,056
​Comparable EBIT, EURm​280​24
​% of sales​5.80.5
​Capital employed (average), EURm​1,964​2,289
Comparable ​ROCE, %​14.3​1.0
​Cash flow / Capital employed, %31.04.7
​Personnel on 31 December​8,664​9,472


Business areas

Driving for top performance in all business areas

UPM as an investment

Targeting attractive total return

Financial targets

Profitability improved in 2015