Third-party Ecolabels and Certificates

UPM offers a wide range of certified products. Third-party environmental certifications and labels are a way of proving and communicating the environmental quality of products, supporting customers in their choices and providing information for stakeholders.

The EU Ecolabel, as well as FSC® and PEFCTM forest certifications, are the most important labels used by UPM.

UPM's goal is to achieve 25% growth in ecolabelled products by 2020 compared to the level in 2008.

EU Ecolabel  - official indication of responsibility

UPM is the largest producer of graphic and copying papers awarded with the EU Ecolabel.

In 2012, UPM became the first company to produce EU Ecolabel newsprint.  We offer approximately 200 EU Ecolabeled paper products from 16 paper mills in Austria, Finland, France, Germany and the UK. 

The EU Ecolabel is the European Union's official indication of the most environmentally responsible products. It is the only recognised environmental label that covers almost all of the important aspects of an environmentally responsible paper.

The production processes have to meet strict criteria in relation to:

• use of natural resources
• chemicals
• energy consumption
• emissions to air and water
• waste management

It also requires that the paper only contains recycled fibre and/or fibre from sustainably managed forests.

            UPM'S ECOLABELLED SALES IN 2013 *) 

*) incl. Paper, Pulp, Plywood, Timber and ProFi

In 2013, UPM’s ecolabelled sales reached a value of 6.5 billion euros.

Forest certification verifies the origin of wood

 Both FSC® and PEFCTM certified products are available at  

 Over 70% of all wood raw material sourced by UPM  
 is from certified sources and our target is to increase this 
 share to 85% by 2020.

Forest certification labels verify the origin of wood. They guarantee that all wood used in products is:

• legally harvested
• not from controversial sources
• from sustainably managed forests, where the majority are certified

 All the certificates can be found using the Certificate Finder.

Scope of environmental labels offered by upm