Responsibility agenda - targets set for 2020

The foundation for corporate responsibility at UPM is our Biofore strategy, which sets out a clear direction for innovation, product development and safe and sustainable operations.

To guide us in our Biofore journey, we have established a series of 12 responsibility principles covering the three pillars of economic, social and environmental responsibility. Each principle is accompanied by corresponding measures and forward-looking targets for future performance.


Economic responsibility covers UPM’s commitment to shareholders in terms of profitable growth. It also includes the company’s corporate governance structure and risk management practices. UPM aims to reshape markets through cost leadership, change readiness, leading innovation and increasing shareholder value in the long term.  

​Key area ​Responsibility principle
​Profit ​Shareholder value creation
​Governance ​Accountability and compliance


Social responsibility covers UPM’s commitment to responsible and ethical business practices wherever we operate. UPM respects international human and labour rights and creates and maintains a healthy and safe workplace for our employees. We are also committed to being a good neighbour and a responsible member of the communities in which we operate.

Key area Responsibility principle
Leadership   ​ ​Responsible leadership
People development ​High performing people​
​Working conditions ​Safe and encouraging working environment
​Community involvement ​Local commitment
​Responsible sourcing ​Value creation through responsible business practices
UPM has highlighted sustainable products as well as climate, water, forest and waste management as key areas of environmental responsibility. UPM´s production is based on renewable raw materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. The company has worked on ensuring its compliance and performance go beyond environmental regulations. Environmental responsibility is implicit in every business decision.
Key area ​Responsibility principle
​Products ​Taking care of the entire lifecycle
​Climate ​Creating climate solutions
Water​ ​Using water responsibly
​Forest ​Keeping forests full of life
​Waste ​Reduce, reuse and recycle