More with Biofore


Creating more with less is UPM’s means for better material efficiency. Sustainable and efficient use of resources brings with it advantages with regard to energy, production and cost efficiency. 
UPM products are produced in a way that uses less water and energy and generates less waste, thereby giving products more economic and environmental value.
Recycling allows UPM to maximise the lifecycle of biomass and manufacture products in an eco-efficient manner. This is all thanks to UPM’s long-term efforts to enhance the resource efficiency and sustainability of its operations.
Innovation plays a key role in developing products that provide resource-efficient alternatives for the future. With elements of ecodesign built into the entire product development process, UPM’s new products find innovative ways to replace non-renewable materials with renewable, recyclable and low-impact alternatives.
The focus is on creating tangible results from biofuels, biocomposites, biofibrils, biochemicals and CO2-neutral energy.