WDC Helsinki 2012 Pavilion rises from UPM materials

April 13, 2012Elisa Nilsson


As soon as Mother Nature started to melt snow in this Northern part of Europe, a joint effort to build a World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 Pavilion began. The wooden pavilion will be constructed mainly of UPM materials.

The Pavilion will be located at an empty lot between Design Museum and Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki. It will be open from May until September. 

"Pavilion will be opened here". Construction period lasts only few weeks and started around mid-March. 

For the construction workers, first tasks were to clean the lot from snow and place the under construction. There are many unique joints and details in the Pavilion. This provides an additional, but interesting, challenge for the workers in addition to the construction schedule.

Prefabrication of the wooden elements has started already in February. The main modules for the Pavilion will be manufactured at STARA's facilities.

We at UPM strongly believe that sustainable buildings and structures of the future are made of wood. The Pavilion will become a landmark of our ecobuilding expertise. The main raw materials are Finnish pine and spruce.

These pictures are taken in the beginning of April:




Contemporary building design is a joint effort between Aalto University, the Design Museum, the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 foundation and UPM showcasing how creative collaborations can turn new products made of recycled raw materials into world-class design.

These pictures have been taken during by mid-April: 




We launched design-spirited Facebook pages in March. This, the very first UPM corporate level Facebook account concentrates this year to design issues, as UPM is one of the main corporate partners for World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

Right from the front page you will have a summary of our versatile references and products from different business areas. Special interest will be on the WDC Helsinki 2012 Pavilion and other design related actions.

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UPM & Design press kit available at: www.upm.com/EN/MEDIA/Press-kits

See also: www.wdchelsinki2012.fi/en

13. April, 2012

Elisa Nilsson
Vice President, Brand Management, UPM

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