How big is your Water Footprint

August 25, 2011Jesse Rep


This week, water specialists around the world gathered to Stockholm for World Water Week 2011. This year’s theme is Water in an Urbanising world. As every year the conference brings together the leading minds from various professions, cultures and parts of the world that share a common goal, making sure that water is available at the right time, place, quality and quantity for current and future generations.

Water is a prerequisite for UPM’s operations. Without water we cannot run any of our processes.  That’s why UPM has actively worked to reduce its water use for decades. Consistent investments and water efficiency improvements have already paid off. For example UPM’s wastewater volume per tonne of paper produced is nearly half of what it was 15 years ago.

UPM has also set long-term targets for 2020 to reduce water use and to improve the quality of waste water. Water and protection of watercourses is also one of the main principles guiding our forest management. 

To celebrate World Water Week, UPM has published the water footprint for paper. Water Footprint is a tool that helps individuals and organizations to measure the amount of water they consume in direct and indirect operations. UPM has taken a leading role in the development and testing of the water footprint method for paper products. The results of the study were presented at several seminars including that of CEPI (Confederation European Paper Industry), Norges Bank Investment Management and the Water Footprint Network (partner in the WF study).

As a Biofore company we have a good story to tell on our Water Footprint - very few other raw materials can be more water efficient and sustainable as trees. Our forests also play an important role in the global water cycle: they clean water, reduce run-off and contribute to healthy eco-systems which is beneficial for society. 

25 August 2011 

Jesse Rep
Senior Specialist, Environmental Services, UPM

Ps. Check our Water footprint video from Youtube


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