Drupa exhibition proved that print has great potential

July 11, 2012 Thomas Ehrnrooth


At the drupa exhibition in May I realised at the latest, how much the paper and printing industry have changed during the past six years I spent in another business. Technological development, innovations and new features made me impressed.

Having a long history in the paper business I was expecting to meet the good old drupa atmosphere at the biggest expo of the worldwide print and media industry – but my expectations did not realise. There was something new in the air this time.

Drupa 2012 - held in Germany, Düsseldorf - was clearly showing that despite of the huge challenges the whole industry is facing – print has potential and the sector is renewing and investing heavily in its future.

UPM’s stand at the drupa, the biggest exhibition of the print and media industry.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of graphic papers, we wanted to stand out at the fair above all as a frontrunner and a partner that keeps up with the times, who strongly believes in paper and print – today and tomorrow. That was well recognised and appreciated by our customers too.

Our stand supported the chosen theme and we succeeded extremely well in presenting paper as a gateway to new and inspiring experiences by introducing the third dimension of print at our stand. Augmented reality, QR codes and other examples of combining print and digital content were a hot topic at drupa and also an integral part of our appearance there. Our own experts and visionary cooperatives were showcasing exciting examples of combining digital and print – providing inspiration and solutions to all in the media industry.

Future Travel Catalogue literally brought pictures alive and took readers to winter wonderland with the magnificent Aurora Borealis.

UPM’s services were well present at the stand. As part of our technical service offering we showcased UPM ColorCTRL, a new service for comprehensive workflow, colour and print quality management.

Also our environmental team had a strong presence at our stand and our customers and other stakeholders got to know the new UPM Responsibility HUB website as well as our brand new UPM Paper Life video among other interesting topics discussed during the exhibition.

Interested listeners gathered to UPM info sessions to hear more about the UPM ColorCTRL and multiple other case examples we raised up during the expo.

John Sanderson (Director of Environmental Market Support) presenting UPM Responsibility HUB.

Despite the first impression you might have got as a visitior drupa is not only an exhibition for digital printing. After what I have heard and seen at the exhibition I believe that both digital and analog printing will continue living in a constructive co-existence also in the future.

During drupa the Landa Corporation launched a new printing method that is based on the nano- technology aiming to set a new industry standard for mainstream printing. The most unique feature in the presses is probably that they are operated by a touch screen which looks looking like a giant iPad. Due to the high degree of automation a single operator can manage even four presses at a time. It is interesting to see, if Landa will be showing the way also for other companies.

UPM’s high quality papers were presented not only at our own stand but printed on various digital and analog printing machines in the exhibition halls. Print results spoke for themselves.

The response for Landa was more than enthusiastic.

The finals of the “SHOTS Heard Around the World” print simulator-based productivity contest culminated during the expo. Over 150 students from Asia, Europe and North America had been remotely competing at their technical schools and the best students met face-to-face at drupa.

Simulation-based training is now a worldwide norm in almost every profession. We have been using printing simulators successfully for several years to train customers and our own staff to improve their understanding on the printing processes. 


Erik Ohls (Senior Adviser, UPM Technical Sales) congratulating “The SHOTS Heard Around the World” finalists after the exciting contest.

Let's continue to explore the new opportunities paper and print have to offer!

11 July, 2012

Thomas Ehrnrooth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications, UPM Paper Business Group


An international trade fair, drupa, is the biggest exhibition of the print and media industry. The event is held every four years and it brings together media and printing professionals from all around the world. This year drupa trade fair gathered over 314,000 experts and almost 2,000 exhibitors from more than 130 countries to Düsseldorf, Germany in May. More information can be found at www.drupa.com.

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