Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the company's supreme decision-making body. It is held annually within six months from the closing of the financial period.

Under the Finnish Companies Act, decisions made by the AGM include:

• amendments to the Articles of Association
• adoption of the Financial Statements
• the use of the profit shown on the adopted balance sheet
• the discharge from liability of the President and CEO and the Board of Directors
• the acquisition and disposal of own shares
• raising and lowering the share capital
• share option programmes
• election of members of the Board of Directors and their remuneration
• election of the company's auditors and the audit fees

A shareholder is entitled to have a matter put before an AGM, provided that:

• such proposed matter is within the competence of the AGM
• a written request, addressed to the Board of Directors (Alvar Aallon katu 1, P.O.Box 380, FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland), is received well in advance of the AGM so that the matter can be included in the notice of the meeting, in any event by January 15 each year or four weeks prior to the publication of the notice of the AGM whichever date is later.

The Board of Directors will duly consider, with the assistance of the Nomination and Governance Committee, proposals by shareholders for the AGM.  

The right to attend an AGM shall apply to any shareholder who is registered as a shareholder of the company eight working days prior to the meeting.