​A future beyond fossils

Wood fibres, molecules, residues and side streams are the building blocks of the future. UPM has been using them for decades to produce renewable and responsible products. We develop thinner and lighter materials, and constantly challenge ourselves by expanding into new end-use areas. We believe in a future beyond fossils.

Inspired by the limitless opportunities of bioeconomy

The bioeconomy offers new opportunities for value creation and business growth for UPM. Thanks to our global capabilities, innovativeness and strong position in the forest biomass sourcing chain, we are in a unique position in all our businesses to advance a circular economy. At the same time, we see responsibility as a requirement for long-term value creation.

Delivering renewable and responsible solutions

Our products are made of renewable raw materials and they’re recyclable. We continue to replace fossil materials in various use-cases. UPM’s sustainable and safe solutions are already changing businesses and lives around the world.

Innovating for a future beyond fossils

The bio-based forest industry is increasingly replacing fossil materials and fuels. Our innovations create value and business opportunities for an era when the world is no longer dependent on fossils.

Investor news
13 September 2018

UPM recognised as the industry's most responsible company in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index

UPM has been listed as the forest and paper industry leader in the in the Dow Jones European and World Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2018-2019 for the sixth time.

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Beyond fossils — from wood to transport fuels, bioplastics and perfume

UPM is committed to creating value from sustainable bioinnovations. Delivering renewable and responsible solutions is part of our Biofore strategy.
2030: Asian consumers in pole position

2030: Asian consumers in pole position

By 2030, the focus of the global consumer marketplace will have shifted to Asia and the middle class of its growing cities. Products and services will become digital, but demand will also grow in another rising segment: renewable biomaterials.

Packing a punch for sustainability

The need for packaging is growing worldwide. And so is the need to have renewable products, which is why innovative solutions and the right kind of materials factor in making environmentally sound packaging.

Beyond Fossils crystallises UPM's position as the leading supplier of renewable and responsible solutions

UPM's new brand promise, UPM Biofore - Beyond fossils, captures the company's strong commitment to a future which is not dependent of fossil raw materials.