This is Biofore

When we at UPM look into the forest, this is what we see:
- A future where every single wood fibre is used innovatively and efficiently.
- A world where bio and forest industries are integrated to create new high quality alternatives to non-renewable materials. Profitably and responsibly.


Biofore is a word that captures the transformation of the modern forest industry.
Lead by UPM – The Biofore Company.

​Each of our six business areas has a clearly defined strategic role in UPM. Our businesses are varied but they all are united by our Biofore vision, and a single sense of purpose: To create value to our customers in a responsible and sustainable manner.

This is Biofore

Renewable, responsible, remarkable

Our business has a truly solid foundation. It is based on renewable resource that binds carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere throughout its lifecycle. Moreover, our operations are based on industry-leading efficient processes from sourcing and production to the sustainable disposal or afterlife of our products.

More with Biofore are the three words that capture our constant strive to maximise value and minimise waste with the most efficient processes in the industry.

Our business has a solid ethical foundation, too. We support the well-being of people and the communities where we operate. We also foster collaboration with various stakeholders across borders. Innovating and building a sustainable Biofore future is a team effort.


UPM Mill aerial 


UPM’s Biofore strategy challenges the long-lived ”take-make-dispose” economy. We promote a circular economy where resources are kept in use for as long as possible, and finally are recovered, recycled and regenerated into new products, materials and energy.

The wood fibres growing in the forest are the optimal source. They can easily be recycled several times. And they are the perfect ingredient for truly innovative biomaterials, such as biocomposites and biochemicals.

Can wood fibres be the key to the low-carbon bioeconomy of the future? – The Biofore vision guides us towards that goal every day. 

UPM More with Biofore process

Circular economy at UPM

At UPM circular economy, in short, means reusing materials and products several times and creating added value through smart solutions. In circular economy, we also avoid generating waste, and strive to increase the use of renewable energy and materials.

Biofore transforms businesses​

More with Biofore describes how UPM aims to create more with less in all its operations. Have a look at the development we have achieved over the last ten years.

UPM Biofore Strategy

Growing a better world

Every year UPM plants more than 50 million tree seedlings for a good reason.

Driving change – Biofore Concept Car

In the car majority of parts traditionally made from plastics are replaced with high quality biomaterials. Also the engine is fuelled with new wood-based renewable diesel – UPM BioVerno.

UPM ProFi – giving waste a new life

Turning waste into high quality raw material. UPM ProFi is an example of UPM's Biofore thinking turned into a great environmental solution.
UPM Formi

UPM Formi - a cellulose fibre reinforced biocomposite

UPM Formi is specially designed for injection moulding applications such as high quality loud speakers. Up to 50% of UPM Formi's raw material is renewable.
UPM Long love recycling

Long love recycling

UPM is a significant user and buyer of recovered paper. One third of all fibre used in UPM’s paper production is recycled fibre.

UPM Biofuels
UPM Forest
UPM Biofuels

Get bioforesight

The integration of bio and forest industries is a reality, with UPM on the driver’s seat. To learn more about how bio-based innovations are already changing businesses and lives, and how UPM works to find new alternatives to non-renewable materials go to