UPM Supplier and Third Party Code

UPM aims to be a trustworthy business partner and believes that responsible and ethical practices create long-term value for both UPM and its stakeholders. We have stated our commitment to integrity in UPM Code of Conduct. Our leading principle is that we do not compromise our standards of integrity under any circumstances and we expect the same approach from our suppliers and third party intermediaries.

The UPM Supplier and Third Party Code (The Code) defines the minimum level of performance that UPM requires from all of its suppliers and third party intermediaries (e.g. agents, consultants, advisers, joint venture partners, local partners or distributors acting on behalf of UPM).
The Code is available in 22 languages. Pick up your own language version from the list below and explore our requirements.

UPM Supplier and Third Party Code: Practical Guide to everyday decisions

The Practical Guide summarises The Code framework and UPM’s position, but it also gives examples and good practices for the implementation of The Code. We challenge our partners to utilise the Guide for finding answers to everyday questions regarding the Code, but also as a Guide for everyday decisions with regard to integrity.
The Practical Guide is currently available in English, but will later be published also in Finnish, German, Chinese, Russian Spanish and French. 

UPM Supplier and Third Party Code

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